Laying Information

Packing Detail

By Procuring Raw Material from most reliable sources and importing some key ingredients we make sure that our tiles always meet the quality standards set by us.

Packing Detail

1. All the tiles must be checked prior to fixing for quality, batch no. and choice.

2. Plaster the surface of the floor to be tiled & allow curing at least TWO weeks before tiling.

3. While fixing pick tiles from various boxes alternatively, lay them in the desired patterns & make sure that they give an acceptable blend of colour and design. Please note that shade variation is inherent in manufacturing of tiles.

4. For fixing tiles we recommend to use tile fixing adhesives or equivalent product for the best result.

5. For fixing tiles on floor using conventional method, we suggest the following laying instruction: a. Use cement and sand mortar in the ratio of 1:4. Add water to create a consistent paste. b. Apply 20-25MM of bedding materials over the floor area of 1.0SQM at a time. c. Apply a thin coat of the slurry on the back of the tile to ensure proper & full bedding. Press gently for even adherence of the tiles with surface. Do not use any heavy materials or iron hammer to press tile.

6. For fixing the tools on Dado, we recommend the use of adhesive or equivalent materials.

7. Allow 3-4 days of bed curing after laying tiles & later fill the joint with grout.

8. We recommend maintaining a joint gap of 1-2mm between the tiles to allow possible thermal expansion at later stage.

9. Please note that company will not accept any liability in case of problem arising out of adherence of above fixing instruction.