About Us

Dell Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. is a high quality tile manufacturing company located at Morbi, India. Established in 2003, it is a decade old manufacturing major which has now become a well admired Indian Tile Brand.

We pride ourselves to have become one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of stylish tiles in India and abroad. The Chairman of the Company Shri Hitesh Loriya has been the driving force of the company. He has been a visionary, leader and chief mentor to all the people who work as a strong cohesive complementing unit.

The team of second line managers is all young and dynamic. Under the able guidance of the chairman, these executives make sure every strategy and every plan is executed to the point. They have a knack of achieving challenging goals set by the top management. Trained and given the right exposure, they form the core of Activities within the company.

The operatives are all technically strong and attitudinally quality sensitive. They work their roles responsibly making the whole system of manufacturing efficient and flawless.


Making Dell tile Brand synonymous with style and dependability. Attain International Leadership position for supply of tiles globally.


Creating and Re-creating innovative trendy designs to meet global styling needs.

Make the processes and systems so efficient as to rollout long lasting products consistently.

Train people to constantly improve quality of their actions and be accountable for the same.


Guiding Quality Principle:

“Producing Consistent quality in Products and Processes comes from an attitude to give the best and only the Best.”
The quality within the organization is driven by the above mentioned principle. As culture flows top to bottom, we are blessed that since the inception, the Chairman and the top management have always been quality conscious. They have, through examples, imbued in us an attitude for quality actions every time and in all aspects of our responsibilities. The training and re-training of people within the organization and daily experience of quality all across the company makes sure all of us are into the contagious behavior of doing quality work. We thank our top management to have made the effort to build our attitudes and characters so strong.

These attitudes cascades towards quality processes. Our processes are stringent and well planned. They are smartly controlled by the ISO systems established within the company. The certification and its requirements make sure we are always aware of the quality standards the company has set for itself.

With the processes being well controlled, all the products that are produced promise excellent quality. There are mainly two phases of quality control of Products. The final inspection and the stage wise control.

The stage wise control of production parameters like temperature, viscosity etc. is done by a team of Lab technicians who are equipped with accurate equipments in their modern Laboratory. The Digital desktop Control systems keep a tab on all the systems and hoot up when parameters go out of the defined range. This helps in instantly managing any discrepancies in the Production Process. This eliminates chances of inferior products or second grade production.

However, to be double sure we check each and every piece before packing it. There are defined check lists and points to make sure that only the best products roll out. The packing and loading are done with utmost care so that you receive our products as though they have been just produced.


The manufacturing unit is spread across 39,500 Sq Meters and houses the latest technology, some imported and some indigenous. With critical machines imported from China and Italy and other machines procured form India itself, we have set up a highly efficient production system that consistently produces high class high quality tiles. The trained manpower coupled with experienced and educated technicians ensure that production is always smooth and free flowing at every stage.

By Procuring Raw Material from most reliable sources and importing some key ingredients we make sure that our tiles always meet the quality standards set by us.

Our Brand promise is Styled tiles that last a long life. The machinery, people and the raw materials all put together deliver on this promise day after day. When you apply our tiles in your homes you can rest assured the beauty will last a lifetime.